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Default I am frustrated............ first Dax GT 50R 2 stroker lasted 10 days before a head bolt came loose and ceased to run. That way is fixed and on its way back to me via FedEx.

The *second* Dax GT 50R motor I ordered for my second bike project lasted exactly one half of one ride.

One of the centrifugal clutch springs broke and wedged itself between one of the clutch pads and my bellhousing. Didn't mess up the bellhousing, but the clutch pads are tore up and since it was basically wedged open, whenever I came to a stop-the motor shut off because it was directly connected to the rear wheel.

I rode it home like that because I was 20 miles from my house.

In a word.....I'm kinda pissed. I know it isn't the Dax guys fault at all and I know they will make it right, but still....... I'm getting tired of installing and uninstalling the motor on and off my bike.
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