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Default Re: Trying to make informed decisions for my first MB

I really like my wally world girls. Never had any real problems with em, alum or steel. Had a alum Point beech last for 8K miles that I documented. (due to some body telling me I was either lying or didn't know what I was doing) The rear wheels really didn't stand up well against over sized 4 smokers but I also only used rag joints.

For kits, I have been away from 2 strokes for to long to be of any help.

I do feel obligated to warn you these things are crazy and highly addictive. I can not decide what I enjoy more. Building, riding or planning. So yer eventually gonna want 3. The one your ridding, the one your building and the one your planning, snork.

If ya get a chance, try and hit a local ride or rally. The folks are great fun and will give you a chance to ride a few and ask questions face to face. Folks are a little more forthcoming about the good, the bad and the addictive.

Ride safe and post lots of pics!
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