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Default Re: watch what females are around your bike.

LOL, from the thread title, I was expecting a whole different thing. (wut, is lonely out at sea)

The other day I was sitting in a park with my motorized bicycle and trying to read on a laptop but was bright and difficult. This weird shadow kept crossing over my eye. Was wearing a baseball cap. I brushed at it a few times then sort of swatted. The absolute biggest, hairiest and meanest looking taranchala (sp) looking thing fell on to the key board. I bravly and in a manly way, screamed like a little girl and jumped up. A coupla rough looking guys were just walking past. So I said I had been in prison riots that didn't scare me that much. One guy laughed and the other looked at me and said "you ain't never been to prison" I laughed and said I in fact hadn't. We ended up BS'n for a while. The one guy had just got out after 20 yrs. Then I let him ride my Bike.

Was kinda cool. We had talked for a good while and it was the first time I saw him smile. He had that *can't relax or sit still thing*

That expletive huge arse spider really did freak me out. I normally pick em up and bring out side for Carol but this thing was astonishingly/sci-fi huge!

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