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Question Another Newbie from Michigan

Hello All,

Thanks to your forum I felt confident in transforming a bike into a motorbike. I bought the Walmart 26" Cranbrook Huffy since it was cheap and seemed to be pretty universal as far as fitting most engines. I guess from what I've read here I'll have to grease some bearings, but haven't found a thread that explains how to do it, which is holding me back, but I know it needs to be done... I can hear it.... haha

Instead of getting the normal China made engine bike engine kits I decided on the bumblebeebolton friction drive. I like the easy set up of it. Works well, except for one problem, the tank size. It's way to small, I can go about 10 miles before it is empty. Me and my friend are trying to devise a way to install a second tank and possibly use the original as a reserve tank. I would like to preserve the kit as much as possible, not hack away at it.

Any ideas?

And thanks for the inspiration, I have a feeling I might be building a chain driven one over the winter for fun...


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