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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I wouldn't feel bad abt that Perry !
Years back I ran out of fuel more times with 5gal tanks... and when I ran the 2 gal tank I was always stopping at stations when I really did not need fuel!

Only pushed the bike home from closing the bar once. about a mile with a slight upgrade. A block from home at 3am, sitting on the curb looking at the non-starter I noticed the petcock was not turned on.

Did so, and it fired on the second kick.

Gosh, I wonder how far someone can get on a HT running on fumes!
...Like Kramer and the fuel gauge test... LoL

I switched out the MTB handlebars on my MAB-under-construction for some bmx type bars that have 4" more height to them. much more comfortable!
...and more room for all the stoopid cables and stuff.
Now I gotta find a fix for the front center-pull brake.

Back wheel comes off today to flip my dish sprocket around the better way.
Will cut links from the chain and work on an improvement to the kit tensioner also.
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