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Default Re: The vibrations are KILLING me

You have the NT carb in the photo. I had what I thought was fuel leaking from the engine. After many hours of searching I found the leak to actually be on the nipple where the fuel line connects to the carb. The nipple is so close to the carb wall that I couldn't get the black fuel lines to seat properly. The walls of the fuel line are too thick. I've gone back to a clear fuel line (has thinner walls), used a small zip tie to clamp it and I've had no problem. I also put the sip ties on all points where the fuel line is over a nipple. (fuel filter and petcock) The clear line works but it does expand in heat and it will get brittle in a few months and need replacing. As for engine vibration, sound like the mounts aren't tight enough. Also remember that the smaller the bike frame the worse the vibration will be. I tried a small framed mountain bike and the vibration was significant. I now use larger frame cruisers and have very little.
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