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Read as much as you can on this forum. It has solved many problems on my installs. I have had good luck getting bikes at pawn shops and flea markets. They may require some clean-up but they work. Cruiser bikes are better in my opinion. The frames are larger which absorbs more engine vibration than the smaller mountain bike frames. Some people say avoid aluminum frames because they are so rigid they break. I haven't had to deal with an aluminum frame but you now have the same warning I was given. Make sure the open-vee of the frame is large enough to clear the engine, carburator, spark plug and clearance to be able to remove the spark plug boot when changing plugs. Front disc brakes are fine. Rear disc brakes don't work with the rag joint. With the MM part they might. The chain(#410 or #415) that comes with the kit can cause a lot of headaches as it's not very forgiving in chain alignment. Using a #41 chain solved this problem for me. I personally have had great success with the CNS v2 carbs. Remove the tube from the bowl to the air filter and presto, it works. My NT's leak because the nipple for the fuel is seated too close to the carb body to give clearance for a clamp on the hose. The result is constant minor fuel leakage. Get a double brake lever. It makes using the clutch much easier.
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