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Default Re: $1,000 motorized bikes

Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
I had a friend asking me what I could build him for $1,000 and I came up with the idea for a thread. I'm proposing a thread where someone could post their complete sourced $1,000 kits. All someone else would have to do is order the parts from the supplied links and assemble it. Let's see what you come up with. Here is what I came up with for my buddy.

Worksmen newsboy model INB $339 Industrial Bicycles from Worksman Cycles
options front drum brake $70, 3 speed hub $90.

Silver Slant 66cc $134 Silver Slant 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor - Silver Slant 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit - 66cc Bicycle Engine Kit

SBP shift kit $199 Sick Bike Parts LLC - Performance parts for your motorized bicycle
SBP throttle $21.95
SBP kill switch $3.79
SBP expansion chamber $67.95
SBP fuel filter $4.95
SBP plug wire $6.49
SBP spark plug $6.99
SBP bottom bracket adapter $13.95
Bottom Bracket Cartridge $16.95

pirate cycles lay back seat $25 Improved Lay Back Seat Post

total: 1003.02 (almost $1000)
I don't think this is realistic because you have to consider the labor. Plus most people mark up the parts too. This bike should be closer to 2 grand

A basic beach cruiser like a OP Roller would be about $1000 maybe with a few extras unless you're also working for Chinese wages.
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