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What are methods besides using a magnet to see if scrap metal I want to weld is steel? I know sometimes stainless steel of types may be somewhat magnetic, but not as much as steel. Many times stainless steel is not attached to a magnet at all. Density of metal that seem lighter I usually can tell is aluminum, color may not be a good way though. I have two pieces of metal that are attracted by a magnet. I want to weld them together with mig 75/25 AR CO2. What does anyone know?

There are pictures of bbq grill bowl scrap metal round to cut and add the other flat round weld together to make cover for chain and also partly cover exhaust pipe. Also want to put welded brackets too. Then weld matching brackets on frame to match so that the cover is removable.

The frame on bike is steel. The rectangular shape part is stainless steel pool step that was being scrapped. I may attach to foot pegs, also may cover with rubberized no skid on top of the stainless.

I know I would need other gas tri mix, but rather than that I can screw an bolt to brackets to connect to non-stainless steel, ie. the steel brackets and the steel frame. I know dis-similar metals cannot be welded together.

I know also that there is paint or something on the second flatter round metal scrap I will sand off.

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