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Default Trying to make informed decisions for my first motorized bicycle

Alright, so, I'm new to this whole scene, as well as the forums, and I'm really wanting to build a motorized bicycle. I've done some research into several aspects, and I now want to directly ask some experienced users.

Problems: Don't have a bike[1] right now, and I don't know what engine kit to get. Now, here is a warning, I'm looking at walmart bikes, so before you start bashing walmart or anything of the sort, keep in mind that not only am I working with a budget, but I'm going for my first ever motorized bicycle and not wanting to drop a lot of money into something that I may not stick with for long (or if I FUBAR a bike, have it be no big loss). That being said, here are the 3 bikes that I have an eye on at present, in no specific order:
A NEXT Amplifier 26" Men's Bike: Bikes & Riding Toys
B Roadmaster 26" Men's Mountain Bike -
C Huffy Men's Road Bike, Savannah -

The two main engine kits I've been looking at are:
A Jet 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor
B Silver Slant 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor

Now, in regard to the engines, I'm a North Carolina resident, so I'm not legally allowed to be riding anything greater than 50cc, and the two kits I listed go back and forth between 66/80cc and 48cc in the description, but have 48cc in the title, and in the specs listing, so that's good enough for me.

Primary orders of business: Is that a decent distributor for engine kits (where should I go if it is not), are those kits I selected going to be decent[2], and are those bikes going to be sufficient[3] (is the engine going to mount properly, with ease, etc.)?

Bike A has an aluminum frame, and I know some people will stand opposed to that. I'm 6'3" and only about 140 pounds; I doubt it's going to be too much weight or force to crack the frame or bust spokes. Bike B has a steel frame. It is also for some reason 10 USD cheaper. Bike C is listed as having a Hybrid frame, which doesn't tell me anything.

[1] in proper condition or frame style. Also see [3]
[2] from what I have read so far primarily on these forums, there are no significant differences between kits other than displacement, some accessories, and warranties
[3] again, no bashing just because of the Walmart origin. I got a bike from a Walmart, possibly a Target, when I was 13. It still rides well and I'm 21 now. Only issues are the rust from me leaving it outside for years, a frozen rim brake (rusted, I assume), and a busted gear shift which was from me crashing the bike one time.

Thanks for your time, everyone.
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