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Default Re: The vibrations are KILLING me

[QUOTE=The_Aleman;309503]Make sure the mounts are sitting flat against the frame and the muffler is also clamped to the frame.
Also, you might want to get a smaller rear sprocket. That way you'll be turning less RPM at 25-30MPH.
I recommend a 36T. These engines make nice power at 4000-5000RPM. Gear yourself accordingly![/

Aleman is offering good advise. China Girl motors aren't that bad vibration wise below about 5500 rpm. If you have 26" wheels and a stock 44T sprocket, 5500 is only going to be about 23 or 24 mph, so 30 mph would be way into the vibration zone, probably about 7000 rpm.

The easiest way to reduce vibration is to gear for higher top speed. I also recommend a 36T sprocket.

If the president of the 20 MPH Club can have one so can I haha.

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