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Default Re: like the concept, need alot of help

ok theres a screw on the end of the clutch arm used to hold the clutch wire down, it sits on top, at the very end of the arm, the clutch cable is tight and can no longer be adjusted because the bolt is broken off flesh with the arm. i can disengage and engage the clutch but im not sure if its fully in ganged, i hear the engine true over and air coming out of the muffler. i have no ground wires, but i have rubber where everything mounts to my bike, i went ahead and removed the rubber on the rear mount so the engine was metal to metal, not sure if it did anything. I took the kill switch off awhile ago, the white wire is capped off, not touching the frame. wires are blue to blue, black to black. i have the red square carb air filter clover, i dont see a primer button.
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