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Default Re: Remove Engine Sprocket Without Puller?

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Do you have chain links that are sticking? That will do it big time. Does every single link in your chain flow perfectly in yours hands so to speak? A frozen stiff section of links will make havoc.

Also some folks have reported the 415 and 41 rubbing on some of these motors until this little mod was done.
I'll try and explain it better... I have 2 engines. One is new, one is old. They are the same engine kit. My old one had some very major issues, so the company that makes my kit agreed to take it back and send me a new one. I have not sent the old one back yet.

I hooked up the new engine (installed it into frame) and was about to maiden it when I noticed the chain was not rolling nicely on the engine sprocket. This was not an issue on the old engine. The only new part I got is the new engine. All of the other components (chain, and rear sprocket) are from the old kit.

So, my plan is to remove the sprocket from the engine that I am about to send back (cause it works great, no chain binding) and install it on the new engine.

My question is: why is the new sprocket binding on the chain? They should be the same exact sprocket (they are both the same exact engine).
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