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Default Re: Kulana Moon Dog Cruiser: The Beginning

I finally finished hooking up everything to my bike. I took it for a test ride down the street. The bike took a while to startup but when it came alive, it came alive. the engine immediately roared up to full throttle and instantly I went for the brakes but they went out.. perfect timing..i was already feeling the adrenaline coarsing thru my veins as the situation escalated. The feeling I felt was a mix between panic, fear and thrill. I went about 27mph on a sharp turn and almost crashed but my catlike reflexes saved me from falling. I then remembered reading somewhere that I could put the choke on to kill the engine as an alternative way. The engine came to a sputter and slowed to a stop. so did my racing heart lmao. I started her up again and rode it with half-choke and using it as my throttle cause the throttle isn't functioning properly. So I cruised around the neighborhood for about 20 mins to begin the break-in process at 1 am in the morning.

I got a question. It has to do with my throttle. The instructions that came with the kit weren't very clear ( I have a twist grip throttle but the throttle is loose if u know what i mean. like there is no spring in there, it just spins. Also I don't know how to put the end of my throttle cable inside the carborator valve. And what is the other wire for? i'm guessing it's the kill switch but I don't know where to put it. It's shaped like a flat metal circle that looks like it's something electrical.
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