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Default Re: Straight plug engines are better than angle plug engines

Originally Posted by sportscarpat View Post
Just fired up a brand new Grubee slant head yesterday. Runs nice and smooth compared to my previous Grubee slant head. I know, the carb is the reason, right? I don't think so as the carb is from the previous engine and I didn't change a thing on it. Maybe this newer production Grubee slant has lower compression.
Or maybe it's just an overall better balanced engine....

The slant H. engine I have on my Karaoke is a very smooth running engine compared to the straight plug H. engine I put a slant head on, I also milled the slant head down quite a bit to increase the compression even more than it would have been with just the stock configuration of the heads sealing surface, this is where it seems I messed up, because that engine developed a huge amount of vibration after doing that mod.

I plan to work the straight plug head down just a tad and then use it back on the engine I took it off of, it should be back to good after that or at least that is my hope.

Peace, Shan
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