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Default Re: Traveling with your MB...

Originally Posted by Fulltimer View Post
Somebody on here used a bike carrier and saw their bike rolling down the road behind them. Actually it wasn't rolling, it was more like somersaults! Here is what I use.


Terry neglected to show you the front of his truck though:

But his family is not too happy when he brings his bike on vacation because they have to take a second vehicle considering the fully stocked garage, machine shop and detail center that has to have for "Big Red" (not to mention Jose the illegal immigrant who polishes his chrome). It just kills the togetherness thing sometimes. One redeeming factor is that he doesn't have to hear "Are we there yet?" or "I gotta go PEE" too often except over the CB, God invented squelch for just such occasions..."

I am on my 3rd personal build and I think I am going to build a small trailer for them so no one feels left out...

Terry I measured my stretch it is 7' 7 1/2" with the 17" front hub and tire, if I go to a 24 inch front tire I think we just might end up in a tie who is longer.

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