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Default Re: Downsizing in Los Angeles

Originally Posted by SrtBrad View Post
Thanks for the welcome. How many miles are these engines typically good for? Are these "RAW" engines rebuild-able? Do you have any options for upgraded performance parts for these engines? What is the HP rating on these stock engines? Are the parts readily available and is there a local dealer in Los Angeles? Thanks in advance for any help with my questions.

Well I'm not an expert but so far I understand that yes we can rebuild them but we will find small differences from lot to lot.
For example the drive gear nut. On the first engine I pulled the fat sprocket off since the new RAW ones have a thin and not exactly meshing size sprocket. Oh it might have worn in but I liked the fat toothed one so I pulled it.
So when I was putting it back together the "nut" for that didn't fit the RAW.. Turns out that the threads are different on the first from the second.. Small differences.

So too will we find other parts differences.

As for supply I don't know.. Ebay loves me that I know cuz my bill tells me so.. But There is sick Bike Parts and who also got some action..

Um, so, take it step by step.. On HP I don't remember. On the RAW from Helio I believe the high rpms are much nicer than the original motor.

Myself I have a spare RAW on stand by because I will ride for transport and can afford one day down but not two.

On upgrade parts.. A welded Sick Bike Parts expansion exhaust seems to be a benefit. I don't have a wide range of experience to compare to but generally speaking I feel it is helpful as well as sounding cool but modifying the stock pipe is also an valid option.

The way to do modifications is one at a time.. Do one then evaluate what it is and see about the next is the wisdom I have gleaned.
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