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Default Re: EZM in basic Siesta Key Kent Cruiser

Thankyou scotto- and azbill for the responses. I finished the bicycle with EZM kit install last Sunday with an hour of sunlight remaining after about thirty hours spent. I was poking along at my own pace trying to do everything correctly. It was very satisfying and too much fun. I rode the bicycle one hour last Sunday and one and a half hours on Wednesday. This is not a paid for political advertisement. The transmission is solid as the rock of Gibralter, the bicycle runs good and clutch engagement is smooth. I don't see any problems and I think this bicycle is ready for my usual 70 mile scenic ride through ranch country. Ive been using tanaka 40cc two strokes with GEBE, it's very good also. The four stroke in-frame performs very well and I really like the look. I have flex exhaust, I can feel the torque and I like the sound. I'm sorry, I'll learn pictures, I have another EZM kit and a kaluna moondog, I want to buy a bench vise and a propane torch to bend crank and brake arms and twist chain tensioners slightly then do another straight forward build with pictures. Thanks again.
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