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Default Re: What's going on with MB kits and the EPA?

Personally I'll be surprised if China Girls stop being sold anytime soon, if ever.

If Don Grubee is really responsible for bringing the EPA down on us like some people have suggested, that might actually be a good thing in the long run. Here's why, the EPA instead of deciding to make regulations tougher, could have just as well decided to ban China Girls all together. For all we know Grubee offering to pay a fee to get our favorite motors certified might really be responsible for saving them. Now an outright ban seems a lot less likely since money for the government is involved. We all know government agency's are money whores. What's the chance they'll do something that brings in less money? Prices will go up, but at least they're available. I'm pretty sure we'll have a lot less choices though, and so far the crappest motor kit I've had my hands on was a Grubee SkyHawk.
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