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Default Re: What's going on with MB kits and the EPA?

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Excellent news.

If the Chinese government doesn't want these smog machines on their streets, then why should we?

WHAT........China not want smog machines.....? in one of the most polluted countries on long as they can make money they dont care what it does......

Yeah, catalytic converter mufflers. It worked for a while, the exhaust didn't stink of unburned hydrocarbons for the first half gallon of gas. After that it was stink city baby.

A catalatic converter on a 2 smoker is just smoke & mirrors in the first place..

I hate that motor. It's loud and it stinks.

Sound like you never ran Opti2 in stinky and almost zero smokey... unless they are choked down to the point of almost NO power all of these small engines that we would use on a bike are fairly loud.....lots of R's = noise.....


Let's get more 4 strokes!
4 strokers are good and I like-em but the most power in a smaller package will always be found in a 2 smoker which is ideal for use on a bike with very limited amount of room to place an engine.

good points accept all the enviromental stuff, most of what people have been told about all the "pollution" isn't fact and is being proven to be a hoax in many ways more and more all the time kinda like that oil spill that was gonna do so much ireversable damage and all the sudden where did all that oil go, most people dont know that 1000's of gallons of oil seap into the ocean everyday and has been for 1000's of years, main stream media on every side is just a hype machine 99% of the time and I refuse to drink the Kool-aid..!

OH yeah it was found that the ocean actually eats the oil by certain organisms that actually eat it up, so much bad information out there for the sake of scaring people and making them think it's a good thing to have government organization that have the power to shut entire companies down just because they may think something is wrong, here I go on a EPA rant again.......I'll quit


I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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