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Default Re: Straight plug engines are better than angle plug engines

Originally Posted by sportscarpat View Post
I think the added compression of the slant head leads to more four stroking. Lower compression seems to runs smoother.
I'm leaning strongly to agree with you on that point, I thought that i would boost compression and notice fairly good HP & Torque increase but if there was any at all it was very slight and not at all worth the increased vibration it caused, the bike would run in the 30's before and it still ran in the 30's and seemed to pull the hills a about the same with either head, I'm thinking that what is lost in the compression area may be mostly gained back with the straight plug head in the possibly more effecient combustion area of the straight plug heads, I could be wrong on this but my engine just ran so much smoother with the straight plug head and I've always believed that when one of these engines is vibrating real bad it is loosing power from all that imbalance.

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