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Default Re: Straight plug engines are better than angle plug engines

Here is how the straight plug head and the slant heads I have look, the one shown in the first post looks to have a squish band and the 2 straight plug heads I have don't have a squish band as can be seen in the pic.

all I know is that I took a straight plug head off one of my engines and put a slant head on it without any other mods and the engine had a very noticable increase in vibration and very little if any difference in power, all I have is an engine that buzzes much more than it did before so it will be getting the straight plug head back as soon as I get the upgraded wrist pin needle bearing installed.

I also have another straight plug head that I plan to put on my other engine that has a slant on it now, it already runs pretty smooth up to 34MPH but I want to see if the other head will smooth it out any like it does on the other engine.

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