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Default Question about an Engine?

hello, im new to posting and new to the motorized bike world, just want to ask some of the experts on the subject, i just bought the new limited edition 80cc engine kit from powerkingshop on ebay, i've emailed him many times about the kit and he says that it is the top quality kit from the factory. it has a new muffler new throttle and a high qualtity engine made from only the best parts. i want to know from you guys if what he says about the kit is true and it is a whole better engine then the other ones he sells, or if hes full of ****e. id just like to know if anyone has bouth from him before also, if you could answer these questions, thatd be great.

heres the web site link: LIMITED 80CC BICYCLE MOTOR ENGINE KIT MOTORIZED BIKE ! - ( item 380058547091 end time 04-Sep-08 20:09:23 EDT)
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