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Default Re: Downsizing in Los Angeles

youve come to the right place,i think this is the best,well laid out forum on the net for motorized bikes,so many good references and pics to show and learn from.

perrty much all these 2 cycle engines (RAW,Grubee,ect) can be rebuilt,seems like all the parts are compatible in some sense. i personally have used PK-80s in my builds, my very first one has lasted and still goes on strong after thousands of miles a year i put on it. but for a few dollars more id invest in a grubee,way better of a kit and engine than the pk-80s i was getting.i cant say they will last longer from experience,but i built a bike with one for someone and it fired right up and gave me more power and acceleration than other engines ive used i was impressed and will buy grubee till i hit a problem with them.

LA seems to be the holy center for these engine kits,they are everywhere out here,but shop around,i had some fool on Craigslist trying to say hes got a shop and sells these kits for $225 or more,dont be fooled,the kits he was selling are nothing special,in fact they are the same ones that you can get off ebay for 120 to 140 bucks shipped! there are a few distributors on this page to the left and to the right from so cal here,piston bikes for example is out of simi valley and theres another one i cant think of,but good luck.
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