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Default Re: Downsizing in Los Angeles

Originally Posted by Dave31 View Post
Welcome to the forum Brad glad you joined us.

The hard tail 26" should be a good fit for a 2-stroke kit, the FS 24" may need a little more fab work to get it mounted correctly. The rear suspension may give you chain problems, it can be done but takes a little more work to get it to work properly.

This thread will give you frame dimenssions

And here you can find a template to print out

As far as which motor kit to purchase... thats a little more tricky. Some swear by certain brands while I still believe its a roll of the dice on the quality of the motor you get no matter what brand or vendor.

About all I can tell you is do your homework and pick a vendor with good customer service. I don't reccomend vendors anymore because then I get attacked by other vendors that I am bashing them so I don't share what vendors/brands I do busniess with.

Please keep us posted on your builds and any questions you may have.
Thank you for your welcome. I really do appreciate it. I joined this forum so that I could do my homework and also get some customer reviews of products that they have actually tried. There is so much misinformation out there about these engine kits. I understand that to single out one vendor over another causes some people to get uptight. If I'm a vendor I would want constructive criticism so I could grow as a company. If nobody says anything then the consumer looses in the end.
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