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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?


That's cute... a flaw in the casting that bleeds air!
Absolutely horrid castings, aren't they?
Still, the price is right.
Will you gouge it out a little bigger and put some AB epoxy in it?
Either that or arc n' spark it a tad...

WoW! 120 in Ontario???
I wouldn't need a rack or basket for a six pack.
It might be discovered defective before I got out of the store!

Well, I'm learning more of what I don't know about bicycles and MABs.
Probs with the center pull brakes, and the seat post, of all things... a lot of my salvage bikes are not complete. Many are missing a wheel, crank, and usually a seat, or the seat and post. Well, I don't have a seatpost to fit this frame and a couple wraps of a sliced up bud can won't do it... might have to do something drastic and buy one!

Pipe hits the crank...
Fabbed the clutch cable mod... and discovered it will now run THROUGH the bottom of the air cleaner. Disappointment.

WAY too many stoopid wires and cables running to the handlebars.
Looks like the electrical mains in Delhi. Gotta fix all that $#@!. Looks bad.

Installed the kit tensioner.
Will build a spring loaded one soon as it makes smoke.

Generous cables that came with the basketcase I bought... I could run apes if I wanted. Probably should.

Hoped to get it to pop today, and ride tomorrow, but plans rarely survive implementation. Such is life.
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