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Default Cruiser build, Here's what I got so far.

This Cruiser bike is my second build, I gotta say this engine is MUCH nicer looking that the first one I built. The bike is a thrift store special. The pics may tell the story, I had alot of difficulty fitting the sprocket, I reamed it out with a dremel cutting tool and amazingly I got it "square" .. installing it was another matter, it was a little off center when I cinched the bolts down and I had a bear of a time trying to get it "right" I finally loosened all the bolts and spritzed the whole thing with a little soapy water then horsed it into place.. a lesson learned.

The front mount idea came from a post on this website (can't recall poster) but thanks for all the great tips that abound on here. I don't think I like the flat bar on the bottom of the front mount (wish I had another semicirlce mount, You'd think these kit sellers would include a few of these things among other pieces of hdwe necessary for a proper install.

The little green tie was what I used to check for "squareness" before I installed the sprocket I spun it on the hub and the teeth were all the same distance from the tie. amazing- i got lucky. I did change the engine mounting studs with some I got at Ace Hdwe.. they are a much better quality...

If anybody sees something in the pix that doesn't look right or could be done better please advise...

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