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Default Re: Hello from a noob

Originally Posted by flatblack View Post
15-18 miles round trip or one way? Either way, make sure you've got a loaded tool bag...that's all I gotta say.

Plus, it all depends on your route...Northern Virginia 15-18 miles...never. Indiana 15-18 miles...possible.
I have to agree. Be ready to change tubes and tighten things up.

I carry a small and somewhat heavy tool bag in my backpack and also have a front bag holding a Heavy Duty tube as well as a small under the seat bag with a thin tube and a reflective vest. Might as well be seen on the side of the road.
I have had two flats since I have been riding this motorized bicycle and both events cut the tube in a way that slime or patches wouldn't make a difference. I do have a patch kit as well.

I would rather have a relaxed experience by knowing I can handle the simple repairs and adjustments than have stress over something breaking.

I know someone who rode 12 miles on a rim because they refused to carry tools or tubes. Needless to say it's about a new rim now for him. An expensive way to make fun of those carrying weight of tubes and tools.
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