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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Adjusted brakes, general look over for loose nuts/wear. Contemplated taking heat shield off. Might put a plastic window in it. Reattached kill switch cable.

Then pretty much just sat and enjoyed looking at her. In my top & favorite 3things to do. The order changes depending where and what is going on. Building/tinkering. Riding and just sitting and looking at her.

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@ dan
That totally reminded me of the movie UP!
Our dogs are polar opposites. Mine's a beagle basset hound mix and he is like my shadow. he follows me everywhere. he sits outside the bathroom and whines while i take showers
LOL Mike. I imagine that is a mighty mournful sounding whine given his mixed breed. Shelly is afraid of water and any thing that sounds like water running. Is funny watching the hairy footed wonder trying to run away on hardwood floors.

I am gonna rent that movie. Never heard of it. Looks great. I still love Disney movies.

UP : Official Site
worst apocalypse ever
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