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Default Downsizing in Los Angeles

I'm Brad from the Los Feliz area of SoCal. My son and I bikeride at least 3-6 times a month for at least 20 miles per ride. It's great exercise for us. I am looking to make our rides a little more fun by introducing the engine to the mix. This is also a good way for my son Spencer to start tinkering on an engine. I am 1 hour into the thought process of this idea.

I could use any help on what to do as a beginner to gain knowledge on the engine kits out there. I already know we would be inclined to go with the 2 stroke route with performance in mind over reliability. The gas mileage is not a factor. The better the quality of engine with the idea that we could rebuild the engines ourselves is the initial general gameplan.

What do you recommend? We have a 26" hard tail mountain blke and a full suspension 24" mountain bike. They are both Mongoose bikes.

Thanks in advance.
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