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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Nice looking lowrider, Mark!
Should be a lot of fun when you get it going.

Well, I want a motorbike to ride on Friday so I sorted through the pile and pulled out the best looking frame for a plain Jane motorized bicycle to build. The PARKPRE is a chrome moly taiwan bike with center pull brakes, and I liked the look of the factory stickies on it compared to the other salvage bikes in the pile.

Trued up a fairly nice rim, then found the flange was too big for a rag joint sprocket to fit. Got an Araya 1.50 x 26 that looked fair and got it trued and dished so it's centered in the rear forks. The bearings just aren't as super smooth as those on that first rim, though...

Picked through the tires and got a 200mm Metro that's in decent shape and found a tube that has held air for a week or so which is a heavier quality. Wanted to use wider tires, but will wait until I see how the chain clearance and alignment is.
I'll run a wide tire on the front for a bit of cushion until I can get a suspension fork operational. Got one with a disk that looks promising.

Just don't like the stance of the bike, the seating, pedal location, or the handlebars! LOL
Also don't like the rag joint much, either. I can tell already, by the lack of concentric and the warble that the chain is going to strum... ManicMechanic clamshell has GOT to be the way to go!

I AM going to get this one going on down the road by Friday, even if I gotta put all the other daily projects aside. Then I can start on something better.
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