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Default Re: Clutch cable is snapped, What do?

Originally Posted by Al.Fisherman View Post
First of all if it isn't the clutch arm when disengaged should be parallel with the bike frame. As far as the cable housing it needs to be the correct length from the handlebar to here the clutch stop is. Here are a few pictures..You can see the routing of the cable, these makes it easier to pull on the clutch handle, and the cable is not in a bind.
That's a great setup (in pictures 2 and 3), but where did you get the parts? Instructions would be great because my clutch cable broke at the 'far' end of the engine mounted bolt. Obviously I need a setup with a lesser angle between the bolt and the clutch arm.

EDIT: It looks like you made the part yourself. I don't have a welder, is there a way to make the part with only regular household tools?

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