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Default Re: Advantages/disatvantage Of Friction Drive

I've been slamming a friction drive Specialized full suspension downhill bike with Maxxis Hookworm tires for the last 3 years and am still on the same set...
If you buy an appropriate quality tire for the application and everything is lined up straight and true performance and life of the tires will be greatly increased.
I however cannot ride mine on wet road or in the rain and get good grip from my over-sized knurled bike peg roller spindle.

I kinda feel like full suspension is necessary on a friction drive with the road conditions here. Hitting one pot hole at 25-30 w/o one and your small engine will
kill all power in a blink, and wont start again till you slow to a stop. I still dodge gaps in the road though, California roads have gone to **** in a hurry!

LOL. I think a freewheel clutch pretty much solves the drag issue Dave.
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