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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Applied a coat of 2 part epoxy tank sealant to my rear rack gas tank. Left it in an unventilated room to dry all night by my bedside; let me tell you about the cat I saw clawing at my face and it dodging my periphery as I tried to instill it with my gaze. ;-) I wasn't outright huffing it, but I guess that's the effect I saw... I didn't think the fumes would be that much. Now I know.

Coming up next...
  1. shorten drive chain with a wipperman half link
  2. clean 4 stroke engine head and jug area with some rust and corrosion remover, sand it up, clean it again, and touch it up with some engine paint
  3. clean, sand, clean again, and finish with paint the few mild steel parts of rear rack supporting brackets
  4. clean, sand, clean again, and finish with paint the one-wheeled trailer, especially the bottom of it
  5. fabricate final aluminum supporting brackets for the rear rack tank
  6. buy some everyday items for maintenance of motorized bicycle
    • triflow lubrication
    • degreasing solvent (I might just use simple green in a spray bottle)
    • motorcycle cover (I might just use a large rain tarp with some bungee cords)
    • etc.
  7. special order the final batch of shift kit related & engine related parts for the season
    • Hd freewheel front
    • jackshaft bearings (with necessary spacers)
    • jackshaft 5/8" keyed
    • 215mm bottom bracket for 4 stroke
    • 17T and 9T jackshaft sprockets
    • freewheel adaptor (with necessary spacer)
    • 30T & 48T drive sprockets
    • Teflon coated throttle cable (*2)
    • 4 stroke spark plug
    • aluminum exhaust gasket
    • etc.
  8. special order the final batch of bicycle related parts for the season
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