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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by asel.mike View Post
I exercised my dog by allowing him to chase me down the street on my motor bike!!!

I imagine it must have looked like he was trying to attack me and I was running away.
LOL Mike. I bet that was fun.

Way back some one was selling a dog tether that attached to the rear of a bike so "you can run you'r dog"

LOL, think about that one. The bike rider is thinking "well this is nice" Right before the dawg sees a critter and yells in his head; "Squirrel!!!!" and runs off to get the family dinner, taking the back of the bike along for the ride. Much to the dismay of the rider and front of the bike.

(Just really, really cracked me up)

Our baby Girl Shelly is a 70 LB Aussie Shepard. When I ride past the house she looks but makes no attempt to go for a run w/ me. I think she thinks it looks way to much like work. But let the poor mail carrier try and get to the porch! LOL, then it is on!
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