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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Chris, that sucks. The first thing I did with my new motor was pull the head/jug, it had quite a few metal shavings/filings all over it Gotta check'em. 13hp would be crazy fast
Yea, I read a post a while back by you or someone else maybe about taking apart a brand new engine to metal crap inside it. Mine may have had that too, which damaged the cyl wall. And it took a few hundred miles of wear for the damaged wall to disintegrate on it's own. Who knows. I was just cruising along at about 30, not running lean, the occasional 4-stroke here and there. And it just suddenly started running bad. I thought it was a carb issue, so I kept on trucking. But when it wouldn't pull a steep hill I knew something worse than a carb problem was going on.

The 13 is a little... uhhh... large to fit in the frame of a bicycle. haha. It would take a lot of cutting and welding, which I'm not opposed to. And I could make a custom belt drive system, or somehow rig up a go-cart clutch to the motor.
One issue is that the piston comes out the side of the engine, and to have the engine spin the direction of the bike, the piston would need to face backwards. That makes space issue worse, otherwise I'd need some type of geartrain like the HT has.

The main issue is that the motorized bicycle limit is 50cc and 390cc is a little... uhhhh larger than that
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