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Smile It's Alive!! Pics included

Late last night I had a chance to finish most of the bike and took it out on the first shake down run. Here are a few pics (sorry about cell phone camera quality):

Hockey puck front mount:

Snazzy clutch roller:

And the super slick rear hub adapter:

Since my original build was nothing but problems, I tried to improve the weak points this time around. The shake-down cruise was brief (and in the dark) but it ran well. Only a few issues - first the muffler end cap fell off and is a real pain in the rear to find in the tall grass on the side of a pitch dark road. But I finally found it. Next, the rear tire still has very little chain clearance. I need to see if a chain tensioner will help, or maybe skinnier tire. At one point I looked down while riding in the dark and a fire fly had splattered on the engine and the juice was glowing. When I glanced down, I thought there was a fire starting!!

I decided to give opti-2 oil a spin for this build from day one after reading much of the epic thread. I LOVE the lack of smoke and oil spitting out the exhaust. We'll see how it holds up.

Still more to do, but many of my original goals are accomplished. Here is what remains:
- clean up the wires
- fab a tensioner I am happy with
- fix the rear wheel chain clearance issue
- tune it up - seems a little rich with clip on top notch. Will probably try smaller jet
- wire up kill switch

Now I can't wait to take it for another spin tonight.

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