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Originally Posted by biknut View Post
Are there any race teams using opti?
I've been into powersports my whole life and never heard about opti till i became a member here. i go to tons of events never once seen a banner nothing, Just the usual banners bel ray, spectro, amsoil, motul never opti2 tho. and luke stens mix comes from stens obviously they are my supliers for my landscaping parts. funny u mentioned that we ran stens mix untill i started working there and had to litterally chisel out the exaust ports on all the 2 strokes. clogged with carbon flowing out a hole the size of a straw lol evr since I switched tem over to the amsoil sabre that problem went away mixed at 80:1. I had the chance to tear down a few of my 80:1 mixed 4stroke machines to decarbonize the heads besides a little gunk on the top of the pistons the insides of the motors were clean and juicey. I dont care what oil you run your gonna get carbon and ash buildup. all I can say is there shouldnt be such thing as a 4 stroke that you have to mix oil, carbon buildup isnt bad on the head of a 2 stroke but when it builds up on the head of the 4 strokes it starts holding the exaust valve open and there goes all the power. wow what a rant its just i've been slammed at work dealing with this issue i have 20 engines i have to tear down sometime this month.
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