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Default Re: I completed my first motobike frame!

Honestly, I live in Louisiana and my cops arent going to care too much... But the reason for the hub is for speed and powerband. I am looking for a motor with a good bit of power, but even with that, the engine is good only at certain RPMs. I dont really care if this bike is street legal. honestly its more of a toy to sell. I would like to go to the next deathrace with it and compete. Now, you may say, but you live in LA, why would you travel all that way to race in a bike race. Then, my answer would be, for fun. I am a college student, and i am trying some new things with these bikes, not only for transportation, but also for safety and practical use. I already have another motorized bike, I am really just building this for fun and to race. Now, I do agree that all things considered, the hub does have a maximum amount that it can take... If you were to guess, what do you think it would be? Capable of wheelies in first gear? Lasting a grueling deathrace? Just want an opinion

Second, that yellow is sick looking.... Especially if you have matching rims and
spoke nipples. I cannot wait to see your finished build.

Thirdly, how does you bike pull, (power wise) with the four stroke? Is it comparable to the two stroke or is that subjective?

Finally, thank you for all of your input! Cant wait to finish seeing your build!!!

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