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Default Re: I completed my first motobike frame!

I would like to build my own and was wondering about that hub. It looks pretty beefy on the outside, but i would like to run a morini or an equivalent to it. Im wondering why you did not. So, the question im asking is, If I were to get a hub similar to that, (or the exact one), would you recommend putting 9 or 10hp to it?
My gut feeling is that a Morini would be pushing the limits WAAAAAY too far. Like all things in the world of design (especially industrial design) it is all about "scaling"! If a person pushes any component out of the "envelope"...they are bound for trouble. That being said, I really have got to question why you would even desire to have a multispeed hub (for pedaling) when you have a motor with such big cajonies.
My over-all concept is to have as light of "pedal-assisted" (this is the crux) motor scooter possible that is street legal in the "nanny" state of Kalifornia...OK! the top speed is higher than legal...But, but, that is because of the pedal assist officer ;o)

Other than that, your build looks VERY clean, and i really like the silver color you have with it.
LOL! The frame is just bare steel. I have just been testing and modifying the frame before committing to the frame "braze-ons" and paint. I'll be replicating the color of this build but with the motor, fork tubes, and rack being charcoal grey. I think it will turn out REALLY tasty!

I don't feel that the flywheel is really an issue.

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