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Default My new/old passion

Hi everyone. It seems everything comes full circle. As a kid, my BMX bike was my life. I often dreamed about having a motor on it. I just didn't have the skills or means. I'm 42 now, a mechanic by trade, and I have had plenty of hobby cars and went through my share of really nice motorcycles and motorcycle projects. I gave them all up for my fishing boat(which I love). But I can't help but miss the motorcycles. I just can't afford or justify to my wife, a new motorcycle project. Then one day on the Youtube I watched a video of a guy with a MB, I knew right away what was going to happen and it did. I've just begun a project, but I am totally hooked on the hobby. My freetime and thoughts are totally consumed. My first project will be an old beach cruiser that I am going to frame mount a Honda GX35. At this point, I have the bike, the motor and some misc. parts. I am only interested in a custom build. No offense to you kit guys, but kits are too easy. Backyard engineering is what really gets my juices flowing and there is nothing more exciting to me than putting together something that you could actually ride. I could go on forever and it looks like I already did! I'm looking forward to interacting with you guys, I've seen some incredible talent on here already.
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