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Well, didnt mean chip on the shoulder considering the mix ratio, only about the quality. Back when this thread was 45 pages long, i read the entire thing. And the only thing that I can be certain about is.
1. Opti-2 has done great things in the motorbiking world.
2. Never run Opti-2 in an engine that has been broken in and ridden on conventional 2 stroke oil.

Im just speaking from experience with my bike. Not an expert, just an avid cyclist and from all the different oils that I used my bike has seen the best results with opti-2. It tends to perform above and beyond, no matter what the conditions are. I have had to ride my bike without a muffler before, not only did it suck.... but it was running really lean and I had no way to get home. So I rode it for several ear shattering miles at 3/4 throttle, and when I got home, no damage to my engine. I would like to see any other oil run in my engine super lean and super hot, and not grenade.... Just speaking from experience.
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