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I've been running Opti2 in all three of my bikes now for a long time, no complaints here, I mix it 1.8oz per Gal.of Fuel and have great results, no smoke, internals stay very clean, all three of my bikes are faster on Opti2 than they were on any other oil I ran in them and each of them was tuned real nice to the mix they were getting.

I dont doubt that there are several other oils out there that are great and will give great results also, I just like the no smoke, plenty of power results I have got with running Opti2 and I will continue to run it in these three engines.

I plan to give another oil a try in my next one just for the heck of it, but will likely end up with the Opti2 in it be the time it's all said and done also, I'm gonna try a Racing oil made by Lucas in my next engine just to see how it performs.
Products : Lucas Oil

I say to each their own on the oil issue, what ever a fella likes and does the job for him is then best for him in his opinion and that will never change no matter what anyone here has to say about it, some of us like to fiddle around and tinker with different things just to have something to do and other sdont, they just like to find something they are happy with and then stick with it no matter what everyone else is doing, thats the way I see all of this oil stuff.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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