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Default Re: Shifter Bike Freewheel Skipping?

I had this issue as well. I am currently modifying my modifications to correct the problems. But first I should mention what I originally did. I have a Huasheng 4 cycle with a shifter kit. I decided to try to add a front derailleur on the crank to select between a 30 tooth and a 24 tooth sprocket. That worked for the most part but I noticed the chain skipping and jumping between the 5th and 6th gears while using both the 24 and the 30 tooth sprocket in the front. I tore down the crank assembly and when I grasped the 24 tooth sprocket the teeth were unually sharp. Looking at it closely I noticed that on one side of the sprocket a groove was worn halfway through the teeth. See attacked pics. I believe that the chain wasn't seating on the 24 tooth sprocket when I was shifting with the derailleur.

I decided to remove the front derailleur and only use the new 24 tooth sprocket I just ordered and I'm replacing the rear hub with a sturmey-archer 8 speed internal hub with a drum brake. Since there's only one sprocket on the rear hub and I'm going to be using the 24 tooth sprocket on the crank I shouldn't have a problem with the chain's slack.
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