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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle/Moped or Bicycle..???

Hi leezy,
unfortunatly if its an internal combustion engine in your bike petrol /two stroke or diesal and its used on a public road it has to be taxed insured and have a mot, put your recent pull and release down to good luck because in merseyside they have been crushing uninsured bikes by the ton. Get a copy of the MSVA regs to help you get your bike upto the requred standard, I'm sorry mate but thats the only way, a moped is 50cc or less but there are two types, a low powerd moped type which I think has a top speed of 16 mph and the other which has a top speed of 30 mph on a level road, on the latter which I'm going for your bike has to have everything that a new honda 50 would have ,two good brakes with brake lights, speed and load rated tyres, high/low beam lights and indicators ect then it has to go for the MSVA test which is like a four hour mot while they check everything is upto current standards, when you pass that you've got to satisfy the DVLA who have a look at all your paperwork and they decide if its to be registed as a new bike with an age related plate or a Q plate.
All I can say is good luck, where up against it here, but your not on your own
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