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Default Re: I completed my first motobike frame!

Thanks again for the compliments guys!

I now only have to silver solder the cable attachment eyes & H2O bottle bosses on to the bike then off to paint. I was going to cut the top-tube and down tube then weld in couplers, but now I'm thinking I'll just build them into the next bike...Or more likely design my own coupling system that would integrate into the motor mount.

Did you use the rotor mounting bolts to attach your drive sprocket to the hub? If so, is that working well for you?
Yes, and so far so good. The holes are not very symmetrical, so i "picked-up" the small boss above the bearing. I now have the tool to remove the "guts" from the hub shell, so if I continue to use the SA hubs, I'll "qualify" a diameter then machine an adapter to mate to it.

Though i have yet to do it...I plan on blowing some safety wire holes in the heads of the mating bolts then safety wiring the bolt circle.

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