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Default Re: Dream bike..........

I'm building my dream bike right now. I really don't want anything more that this build, being everything I want in one bike: a light motorcycle, a detachable sidecar and a conversion to three wheeler tadpole It is the subject of the thread "Indian Tadpole" and is underway.

The frame is ready minus engine mounts... a Worksman News Boy with the front down tube removed and in it's place a sweeping down tube from a 50's ladies Schwinn to give room for the engine. The power plant is a 98CC 2 stroke vintage German model 1932 Fitchers Sachs with a 2 speed transmission. It was used on many light German motorcycles before WWII and is very reliable. It has a built in lighting coil, so is everything I want in an engine.

I have built the wheels using 1950's Schwinn rims with HD spokes. Up front is a beefy moped drum brake hub and in back a Bendix coaster brake hub. Vintage seat rebuilt in elk hide. It will get an in-frame coffin shaped copper gas tank under the supervision of Tinsmith. Front leaf spring fork is being made by my friend Curtis Fox.

The sidecar is made from a Grumman canoe and is done, minus a new sidecar frame and mounts being made by Fasteddy. The sidecar is beautiful and the same length as the bike. It should be capable of carrying an adult passenger, but is mostly for my dog, Aaniimoosh. I always wanted a light motorcycle with a sidecar. Now I'll have it.

The build is inspired by a 1909 Indian tri-car which was a factory made three wheeler with two wheels up front. My bike will be convertible, from two wheeled motorcycle to sidecar to tri-car... three bikes in one. Fasteddy has researched and started to build the spindles and front end for the tri-car. He is doing one for himself modeled after the earlier camel back Indian, a 1903.

Cool fenders and Indian head fender ornament are from a 1939 Hiawatha. Paint will be cream colored (Windsor white) with black accents and fenders. Handlebars and headlight, tail lights will be decided upon later. It will have copper jewel lights of some kind to go with the copper gas tank.

So this is my dream bike. I'm hoping by fall to have the bike running as a two wheeler with sidecar. Over the winter the gas tank and perhaps lights will be made. In the spring it all comes apart for paint. Next summer the tri- car front end should be done and ready. The tri-car mode will mostly be for parades and showing off.

When I was a kid my big brother said when he grew up he would have an Indian motorcycle with a sidecar and I could ride in the sidecar. He grew up and forgot about it. I never grew up and will have my Indian with sidecar. He can ride in the sidecar; I'm running the motorcycle. Ha! I invite you all to follow along on the build which will pick up momentum in another week or so with the arrival of Fasteddy from Vancouver. We'll be picking up the engines within two weeks and going full guns from there on into autumn.

Having a dream and being able to manifest it is a very cool thing. I feel sorry for people who have no dreams. Many thanks to all of you who have given me so much.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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