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Default Re: Ask a specific question

The only time I've noticed any balance problems are when it's on the kickstand.

Standard proceedure when parking it is to put the front tire against a building, curb or parking stop and put it in gear then put it on the stand. Still, I don't like to walk too far away on a windy day.

Riding it is a piece of cake of the plain vanilla variety.

You put the Sturmey Archer three speed in 1st, pedal a half a pedal and throw the lever and off you go.

On the road the best speed for the engine seems to be about the same as you'd pedal it in 3rd gear at a brisk pace.

On larger hills, it's a matter of opinion as to whether the engine is helping you, or you are helping the engine.

On the flat you can go uneventfully from a crawl to 22 mph just by advancing the lawn mower lever type throttle from idle to full, and excersizing some patience.


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