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Default Re: Thing to do / know before getting a Jack Shaft

Originally Posted by geoldr View Post

Also it says on the site

"have a chromoly or quick release rear axle, standard steel axles will bend"

What does that mean?
It means that you will have have to replace your standard steel axle on your rear to either a chromoly axle or a quick release axle that comes with most
high end mountain bikes (not the ones from wally world). Otherwise, you will
bend an axle and will have to replace your rear wheel. I put a SBP shiftkit on a Micargi Panther. I used the stock wheels and ended up bending the axle and hub. I had to replace the wheel and the guy I bought it from said that that axle would be fine but I ended up bending that one too. So I bought a chromoly axle and put that on the wheel.

Another thing to consider is that your chain is aligned right and your derailleur is adjusted properly. The chain on my bike derailed and it destroyed my derailleur. I personally had a lot problems with the shift kit but I think that had a lot to do with the lack of quality of the bike that I put it on.

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