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Default Re: Sprocket won't fit on Schwinn Cruiser???

Originally Posted by raptor50 View Post
hi nomad
i,m new here so bear with me. hi to your problem about the sproket on you cruiser.i have built three schwinn cruisers.if i was you i would go with a new rim with a free wheel hub you can get a good one for around 35 bucks tap in a grease fitting and your problem is taken care of.the sprocket fits tight over a free wheel for a coaster brake hub. i have never gotten no more than 50 to 60 miles out of them.i have around 600 miles so far on my free wheel hub. for 24 bucks you can get a hub with sealed roller bearing in it and not have to put a grease fitting in it.hope this helps .ride safe and watch for cars
Raptor50, thanks for the info. Could you elaborate on the freewheel hub. How does it stop, do I need to install hand brakes?.. etc. this idea sounds interesting but I don't understand how it works... I googled it but couldn't understand how breaking is accomplished....
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